Rainbow Light School







Remember who you really are

Welcome to our enlightening and visionary paths to thrive and expand in the Golden Era!


If you are on a personal path, you’re invited to “Embrace your Divine Essence and Awake your Rainbow Goddess and RainbowMan within”.

If you are an educator, teacher, parent or a curious soul in love with education, you are invited to the Educational Training to inspire the kids of the New Earth.

Personal Path

Embrace your Divine Essence

Educational Training

Inspire the Kids of the New Earth

Rainbow Light School is currently an online educational training for parents, educator and teachers with the desire to infuse divinely inspired subjects and awareness in the education of their kids or students.

It is not (yet) a physical school. Are we open to it? Yes, of course! If we have the opportunity to start Rainbow Light School anywhere in the world, we’d open its doors with great joy to international students and teachers.

If you would like to contribute, you are very welcome!


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