Rainbow Light School

Spiritual Training

A visionary educational paradigm inspired by heart’s desires, quantum physics and universal laws for starseeds and free spirits


Dear parent, teacher, educator and curious soul,

Would you like to raise your kids, students (and soul) with a cutting-edge and creative educational model designed by a couple of modern Soul’s Alchemists for the pioneers of the New Earth?

This original paradigm supports the blossoming of the new souls coming on Earth as a gift to humanity.

It’is a spiritual training designed for leading-edge parents, educators, teachers and curious souls ready to embrace this futuristic education in their hearts, home school settings, parental schools and open-minded schools of any kind.

Would you like to receive the inspirational education you wished you’d received as a child?

Rainbow Light School is education to wonder, happiness and magic. It speaks to starseeds and sensitive souls who want to fully embrace who they truly are, living with passion and meaning. This education speaks to your Soul, as you can embrace a more vibrant and expanded version of yourself at any age. It’s for open minds and pure hearts willing to imagine and co-create a reality which reflects their dreams. It is an evolutionary school, a laboratory for research and experimentation with knowledge, that becomes dynamic knowledge, as it’s applied and represented via the language of the Soul-Spiral: sound, movement and colour.

Rainbow Light School teaches the great role that emotions play in life as the indicator to recognise the degree of resonance you have with everything. Recognising this simple yet not-so-used mechanism, offers you the certainty that you can always rely on yourself to feel what suits you best. This releases a great deal of self-confidence and soul power because you acknowledge your own voice: a priceless gift!

You’ll be supported in the emotional, psychological and spiritual development of your kids and students to help them thrive and fully express who they really are in an enriching and supportive environment that enhance their soul evolution.

Cultural and social influences have shaped our belief system and we have not always been taught that we are love, joy and freedom, far from it. Therefore, it is vital to remember, starting from conception, that we can be, do and have anything we want. There are no limits, except those self-imposed. When we shift our beliefs, we break free from the victim position to fully step in the role of co- creators with the universal energy that adores us.

Reality is the result of our focus and we can convey these teachings from the earliest stages. The consequence is that the human being will immediately come in contact with his infinite potential, without having to wait for adulthood (if and when that happens;-).

What is more beautiful than seeing happy and free children that devote themselves to the pursuing of their truth?

At the core of this training there are the Teachings by Abraham-Hicks, “Shine your Rainbow Light” universal wisdom teachings to understand and live your relationships to the fullest, starting from the relationship with the Inner Being, Source, Nature, parents, kids, educators, family members, peers and all the cooperative components to fulfill your life’s purpose. And the most recent discoveries of quantum physics concerning the endless and creative possibilities of the mind, associated with the emotions. It is education to the wonder and beauty of life, an invitation to a joyous self-expression to live in alignment with the Cosmos. More than preparing kids for life, Rainbow Light School inspires them to live life here and now, because more than lessons to be learnt, life is to be lived. Rainbow Light School aims to instil in the minds and hearts of children the certainty and confidence that they can always, under any circumstance, be who they really are and have their wishes fulfilled.

You’ll be offered a state-of-the-art curriculum that you can implement in the curriculum you’re already following. Having fun is one of the foundations of this new model and it’s encouraged and supported by science – Neuroplasticity studies – which have discovered that learning is more effective and immediate if associated with positive emotions. Learning is a spontaneous process that stems from the natural desire of being more and living life as an adventure.

We provide insights and guidance in a new understanding of the self, the relationship with the heart’s desires and others, to let the deliberate co-creator identity take central stage, while appreciation and eagerness become your dominant vibrations.

Joy, love and freedom are the foundation of life, that’s why they are the axis of our extra-ordinary curriculum, based on the eternal principle “Ask and it is given”: when someone express an inclination, an interest for something, it’s when real learning takes place. As well as when fears or frustrations show up: firstly, they are acknowledged and welcome, secondly they’re invited to show you what’s beyond them, an even greater potential to unleash.  Rainbow Light School inspires the learning of cheerful and light-hearted subjects, because when we find enthusiasm in what we do, our hearts sing. We are dealing with life in a different way, as a new awareness arises. Here are a few examples of subjects, though this list could be endless:

Education to Beauty

Appreciation Laboratory

Love and Relationships

History of the Future Lab.

Original Solutions Lab.

The Enlightened Way to make desires fly

The Spiral of Emotions

The vibrational Frequency of Heart’s Desires

Laws of the Universe (Law of Attraction, Science of deliberate Creation, Art of Allowing)

Dream of Light

Inspirational Movement Education

Meditation and Intuition

Fantasy and Creative Imagination

The magic of Talents

Emotional Lab.

Joy and Success

Dance and Bath of Light

“Soul Touch” Massage

Science of Light (Quantum Physics)

Positive Aspects Lab.

Colours and Art




(Our vision could also include:

Ethical Economy

Inspirational Literature

Foreign Languages and Travel

Mathematic of Space

Biology of beliefs


This training does not comprehend the regular subjects usually though in schools: math, literature, science and so on. It covers the subjects that are not usually thought at school – that have paramount importance in life – usually learnt by (hard) experience or later in life.

We believe that there’s nothing better than life experience to learn something. However, we acknowledge that providing an environment where such essential subjects are introduced and practiced, offers an amazing foundation to experience life to the fullest, opening the gates to unchartered territories.

This training is primarily for you: parent, teacher, educator and curious soul. It’s not a ready package (like in regular schools) to apply to your kids or students: it’s co-creation in action and it needs your aliveness and heart’s desires. You’ve probably noticed that we speak to you and the kids in the same way, because it’s only when you tap into your most empowered version that you become a catalyst for change, learning, curiosity, upliftment and inspiration for others. The more you apply these concepts in your life, the more shifts you will witness in the kids.

Human beings may wish to explore, learn and pull out new parts of themselves: when this no longer occurs, ceases the evolution and therefore, the meaning of life itself. When the human being does not perceives evolution in what is doing, he retracts his energy and is no longer an active part of the teaching/learning process, ultimately, the process of life.

Rainbow Light School is currently an online school for parents, educator and teachers with the desire to implement divinely inspired subjects and awareness in the education of their kids or students.

It is not (yet) a physical school. Are we open to it? Yes, of course! If we have the opportunity to start Rainbow Light School anywhere in the world, we’d open its doors with great joy to international students and teachers.


The children book series “The travels of Palloncino” “ is at the Soul of “Rainbow Light School” a leading-edge educational paradigm inspired by Quantum Physics and the Teachings of Abraham for the New Earth, Starseed, creative and colorful Souls who are here to co-create beauty, love, joy, freedom and infinite possibilities.

Introductory Rainbow Light School Video Series 

Rainbow Light School Spiritual Training

6 Live Weekly/Monthly Sessions with training and Q&A



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