How I can help you

How I can help you

Hi, I am Helen Star, inspirational author, Soul evolution guide & trained psychologist. I opened my practice as a psychologist in 2005 for 8+ years, serving clients from Florence, Prato & Pistoia, Tuscany. My clientele grew organically with word of mouth as they resolved their issues around self-esteem, relationships, anxiety, depression, insomnia & other disorders in a short time. Many of them came from years of therapy and they were so relieved that my body-mind-soul approach was such a success. At the time I only worked in person 1-1 and led Core Energetics (my specialization) groups on Body-Soul Connection and Empowerment. I named my first website “Anima & Psiche” – Soul & Psyche – and I’ve always been aligned to the Shamanic way, though I opted for Psychology and studied Shamanism and other Lightworker’s training aside University. I also voluntereed at a cancer prevention centre and worked with children in schools assessing their psychological projective tests like the tree drawing among others. Parents and teachers were amazed by the richness and depth of information I received from the kid’s drawings and the solutions I offered to their discomforts, as I tapped into my intuition. Later on, I activated again this talent of mine connected to colour and inner reading through the creative process ‘Tale of Light and Spiral of Colours’.

In 2003 I met in Taos, New Mexico (USA) Dr. Krishna Madappa, scientist, inventor and holistic consultant who became my mentor, also on the GDV device, which I included in my practice to offer energetic diagnosis: very accurate and to the point. I met the GDV inventor Dr. Konstantin Koroktov in Saint Petersburg at their international annual congress “Science, Information, Spirit”. Krishna’s 30 years of water research led him to invent the quantum technology Jiva Water to bring life and light back to water. I am a Jiva Water Ambassador and you can get a purchase link from me, if interested in the device which is doing wonders around the world for the soil and the health of animals and humans.

My heart longed for a meaningful and authentic relationship where I could fully express myself and I prepared the space to attract and meet my soulmate. In 2009 I got married to Lorenzo with a ceremony in nature designed by us and travelled to Australia for a long honeymoon. The trip was an initiation and Uluru (Ayers Rocks) and other sacred lands Down Under whispered to my Soul and the following expansion was inevitable.

Upon my return, I moved to San Gimignano’s countryside where I wrote my first book “Spiral of Emotions” while Lorenzo wrote his first one “Inspiration.” Then the 2nd, the 3rd, the 4th and so on followed, while moving in a spiral that led us living in several countries from Australia, Canada, Switzerland, France, Greece and the UK, which activated our Gifts and Soul Path.

In 2017 I tapped into my Quantum Powers and they helped me to face one of the most difficult transition in my life. In 2019 I embraced my multidimensional being as I become more aware of my stellar origins and dived into why I am here: to co-create Paradise for the kids & adults of the New Earth. In 2021 a significant health challenge made me go deeper within to tap into my self-love and creativity to heal from the inside out. This self-healing process gave birth to my signature book “Rainbow Goddess”.

Then I said my sacred “Yes” to commit illustrating – and writing a few episodes – of the inspirational children’s book series “The Travels of Palloncino” which Lorenzo received and started writing in 2011 in peaceful Umbria. The series consists of 42 books in Italian and 42 books in English: a wonderful gift from Heaven.

The foundation is “Rainbow Light School” which is the title of our innovative education book dedicated to parents & teachers of the New Earth; and also the name of our Centre for Soul Evolution and Leading-edge Education.

I have been blessed with the gifts of wisdom, love, clarity and intuition: all ingredients that I mix with my rich background in the healing arts to support you in co-creating your own personal Paradise. 

I work online with individuals, couples and families eager to shift their repetitive dynamics of struggle and limitation into love, ease and flow. You can also work with me in person on the beautiful Chianti Tuscan hills: I offer Rainbow sessions and teachings tailored to your needs and desires, also in possible combination with Lorenzo’s gifts: Soul Touch massage, Pranic Healing, Inspiration sessions and more.

My first session usually starts with The Tale of Light, a creative healing process I designed to read and access your Soul Medicine: you’ll discover your core issue and the resources to transmute it into your strenght. I offer a 30 mins free connection call if you’d like to work together and understand if we’re a good fit for each other: you can book it through the website or just e-mail me at

When you sign up to the Newsletter you access the 3-part video series we filmed in Canada where you can get to know our energetic style while having fun and receiving wonderful insights. Moreover, you’ll get also instant access to the first modules of my courses “Shine your Rainbow Light” & “Attract your Soulmate” which helped transforming many lives and received 5 stars reviews as a result.

You can also access our rich video library on Rainbow Light School Youtube channel: if you resonate with our messages you’re welcome to subscribe and share the LIGHT 🙂

I adore to help and uplift because it’s my passion and I do it from life experience which has been my  Master Teacher.

You can read more on my About page, Light Blessings to you✨

Inspiration, the enlightened way

Inspiration, the enlightened way

Remembering that we are vibrational beings, we can receive great support from Inspiration, in order to take inspired actions in our lives and to be clear about our intentions.

Discover the most natural and spontaneous approach to receiving impulses regarding something you want and you have asked for through the evaluation of your preferences. Creative ways to stay in touch with the FLOW of Inspiration and feel the energy that creates worlds within you, as you embody more and more your Divine Essence.

You have the power to direct your thoughts towards what you prefer and by practising that, you can make the most of your life experience. You’re naturally aligned to Inspiration, though you forget it when you offer your attention to situations or people that elicit reactions within you. It is part of the game, an eternal dance along the emotional scale. But in the long term, if you’re more focused on the unwanted instead of the wanted, you face a split in your energy since you’re resisting your natural well-being. A part of you would say: “But I’m only noticing reality”, forgetting that by doing so, you’re co-creating and cementing that reality while disconnecting from your heart’s desires. Remember that when you experience FLOW, it’s an indicator of the fact that you’re focusing on your real nature, Light. When you experience resistance you’re working very hard at going against your true essence and you feel depleted and stuck in your evolution. You can always turn towards the path of least resistance and live your experience more effortlessly.

Enjoy “Inspiration, the enlightened way” series:

The power of inspired action

The power of inspired action


Inspired action is the most powerful action of all, since it is by far more important how you feel than what you do.

What you feel is your point of attraction, so it does not matter that you perform an action to proof that you can do it because if you feel fearful or doubtful you’ll not get the results you want. That’s why you do not have to do an action in order to get something, because action is not the first thing to do.

Seek alignment first: you’re here to Shine your Light, let it illuminate your path and the path of others.

When you feel good about yourself and what you desire, you feel that all you need is already here.

 When you feel inspired, you can do whatever action is calling you. It will be an inspired action, much more powerful than any other action you could perform.

You are here to experience a wonderful life experience and what you feel attracted by, has a link with your soul’s purpose, so go for it.

But don’t get trapped in the “must have it” mentality: in this way you’re resisting the flow and you’re not enjoying life.

First, start enjoying what you already have, the little things you may take for granted every day, like the running water when you take a shower, a roof that make you feel safe, a delicious meal, a walk in nature, the fresh air you breath, the soft pillow on your bed and so on.

Remember that you’re here to allow wellbeing and whatever makes you shine in your life. You’re not here to fight to get something: this is a resistant mentality that does not allow playfulness or lightness in your life.

I invite you to create your reality from this space of love and joy, because in doing so, you also fulfill the meaning of life.

Here is how you can recognize when you co-create from a space of love: you feel happy, serene, peaceful and excited for the good that is coming to you. And you fully trust that it is well along the way.

 When you co-create from a space of stress, you feel tense, totally focused on what you want and how to get it. You forget that is not your job to figure out “how” to get what you wantYou do not remember that you are here to decide what you like and then feel good about it, trusting that your request has been already answered. Infact, most people feel good when things go well and don’t feel good when things go bad.

But when you co-create from a space of love you always feel good since you know that you are loved and your purpose in life is to express love. When you express this abundance of love, you always get back the most wonderful synchronicities and relationships that life could ever offer you.

Shine the beautiful Light you came here to show!


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