Dance the Flow of Life

Dance the Flow of Life


You are in the Flow of Life when you breathe with ease and offer your attention to it.

You are in the Flow when you quite your mind and listen to the silence within.

You are in the Flow when you dance your own dance.

You are in the Flow when you let your inner colors, coloring your vision!

When you are connected to who you really are, your Light shines. How you know that you’re connected?
When your eyes -and your whole body- emanate Light.

When you are not connected, you experience negative emotions: they could be your biggest gift, since they help you to be more focused and clear. Negative emotions always offer you the possibility to better understand what you want, and the good news is that you don’t have to carry them around any longer: when you realize this, they have already served your purpose. Just acknowledge them and let them go: you’ll feel like you’ve been blessed with a new beginning.

When you experience and let go of negative emotions, you come a step closer to the Light within. Remember that sometimes you need to experience darkness in order to remember and appreciate Light even more.
It is a beautiful dance and some call it … LIFE!
Life is an eternal journey toward Light, Love, Joy, Freedom, Inspiration …

Remember who you are

Remember who you are


“Focus on what is most important to you and that make your heart sing”

This is the easiest way to remember who you really are, Light.
You’re not here to miss your life, you are here to embrace it, live it, and love it.


At the end of this lifetime, the fact that you have or have not followed your desires will make all the difference. You will not think of anything else, as you’ll clearly see what made your life meaningful and worthy.

So go for your passions, follow your gut, and stand for your beliefs. This is the perfect time for everything you ever wanted.

Believe in yourself and remember that …

Living life was a choice.

The purpose of such a choice is a joy.

You are an extension of non-physical energy.

You can call the non-physical part within, Inner Being or Soul.

A current of pure, positive energy permeates everything.

It is a flow of wellbeing that affects everything.

You can co-create the life you want with this Energy of Love

You always have the option to choose your thoughts.

The non-physical energy, from where you come from, loves you.

All is well.



My wish is that these words can become a second skin for you, thus you can remember who you really are… Light!

Overcoming difficulties

Overcoming difficulties


When you face difficulties in your life, you can get so much emotionally or physically overwhelmed, that you wish to overcome your odds as soon as possible. It’s a good attitude to be solution oriented, but do not try to remove what you feel straight away, diminishing or camouflaging it, because the present moment is important and you cannot avoid it, making feint that it has not touched you, disowning it.

Emotions indeed serve precisely to give you an indication of how you perceive the reality you live. When you feel negative emotions it means that you’re far away from your Inner Being, who always feel unconditional love like the Source from which you come from. But the quicker you immerse yourself in the emotions that the majority of people try to avoid, the quicker you are able to let them go and move from grief, anger, discouragement, worry or doubt to contentment, hopefulness and so forth.

Live the experience fully and once the emotional wave that accompanies the storm has passed, you can better assess the strings that has touched within you, its meaning and how you can transform it into something positive, rather than considering it something that just hurts.

 When the storm has passed, it is time to discern what has remained and that perhaps did not exist before a different approach or identity, a greater inner strength or anything like that. There is always this possibility because you can always find out what you like and what you do not like in any situation.

All situations, even those you’d be happy to forget, have the potential to give you something good.

Maybe you won’t see it immediately, but in time you will learn to appreciate it, once you take more distance from the emotional storm.

The practice of appreciation is a simple tool that can help you overcoming difficulties and taking a gulp of air.

Appreciation can transform all the events that you live.

Appreciating means turning pleasant and loving thoughts and emotions towards people, situations, places … Appreciation can be applied to everything and within seconds it can change your mood because when you appreciate, you cannot loath at the same time or complain about something because they are very opposing vibrations. A few minutes a day of appreciation can help you regain your center and get some relief.


Just starts from very small things… When you are in bed you can express appreciation for the warm duvet and sheets that surround you, the softness of the pillow and so on… When it rains you can appreciate this gift from heaven that bathes all plants and trees, offering them refreshment… You can appreciate what you wear, eat, do, the words you tell someone, the music you listen to … You can appreciate the blue sky …

In any situation you can always find something to appreciate, it is simply an aptitude to develop, especially if you have not been educated to be appreciative of life. It is only a matter of practice and appreciation is a quality to assimilate.

When you appreciate, you forget your difficulties to find something beautiful to give your attention to. Although sometimes it seems that there is not much to appreciate, it is a matter of focus. By directing your focus to what already goes well and what gives you the slightest relief, you are learning how to allow the good in your life.

Don’t be discouraged if at first you tend more to complain than to appreciate: appreciation is like a flower that needs some time to blossom!

Are you tired to starting over?

Are you tired to starting over?


Do not be ashamed if you temporarily give up on your dreams … all the great visionaries did it several times  before they succeeded.

Do not even think about the outcome but HOW YOUR DESIRE MAKES YOU FEEL.

This is the turning point, this is the key.

This is how you can transform a frustrating state into a loving one. Turn your attention to WHY YOU LOVE SO MUCH YOUR DESIRE.

FEEL how it makes you feel. This is the reason why life gave you this desire: TO MAKE YOU FEEL GOOD & share your GIFTS.

If your desire does not make you feel good, you’ve lost it. You are no longer in the emotional state of your desire but in its lack.

When you look at life from the perspective of lack, there is no color, no meaning, no love, no light…

Every person that asks for something more in life (because life is movement and it makes you always ask for something more: in case you do not want to have any desire, this is still a desire;-) experiences also the lack of the desire. We live in a dual Universe and this is how it works.

So do not feel bad if now you feel that you do not have what you want. Breath and do something else if it is too difficult to align to your Divine Essence right now.

You have infinite possibilities to align again and again to your Light, seeing life from a higher perspective.

Ups and downs are part of the play: they are not the end of the play. 

If you are starting over and over it means you have something big to give to the world. Most people just try a few times and that’s it: if they do not get the results they want, they’re ready to quit. Not you!

You’re not ordinary and you have to do something extra-ordinary: just keep going, you’ve the power to rise from your ashes. Know that every time you bounce back you’ve released more limiting beliefs and old conditioning and you’re not the same as before.

The ascension or evolution is a process, not something you do once and you’re done forever. It’s about layers and the more you let go, the more you let your INNER DIAMOND SHINE. Every time you’re challenged, you’ve a new opportunity to expand your awareness.

AWARENESS is the basis of life: the more you’re aware of your DIVINE ESSENCE and its deep connection to all that is, the more you become a whole bright rainbow.

Don’t worry about how long it takes, it is taking the perfect time and you’ll realize it when looking back you’ll laugh about these moments.

TRUST that all is well and that whatever is your heart desire, it has been placed within you by your soul to help you navigate your life with an accurate map that leads you to joy, wonder and fulfillment!


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