What is calling you?

What is calling you?

One of the things we’ve come here to co-create – and maybe the dearest to our hearts-  is an original and creative education, Rainbow Light School, for the New Earth rising now.
The foundation for this is “The travels of Palloncino” inspirational children book’s series.
At the end of 2021 we said yes to publishing the first 10 episodes that waited for 10 years to see the light (except for one). 

The book series is not “just” 10 books: there are almost 40 written episodes in total and more stories to be written. With the ideas we have to develop, we can easily reach 50+ episodes. Yes, it’s already a cartoon!
We started with the first 10 stories as I had already illustrated them back then.
At the end of 2022 we said yes again to continue publishing from Episode 11 onward.

It meant start illustrating the new stories: I, Helen, was not sure I could draw again after all this time and so many episodes! But as soon as I said “yes, I’m ready to be of service”, inspiration hit me like a thunder: there are days that I cannot stop drawing!!! And I had to do a crush course on digital colouring, since Lorenzo did that on the first round and now was my turn;-)

Sometimes it seems such a big project to carry on…
But there are children waiting to read these stories and they’re “calling us”…

We are fully dedicated to write and draw these inspirational messages that flow to us like source water.
They are the books we wanted to read as kids…
They are the books that enchant us as adults, catapulting us in a magical world of rainbows…
They are uplifting and fun, creative vessels for empowering messages to support the children in their discovery of life, emotions, friends and their unique relationship with Source, the Light from which we all come here to remember how to co-create in partnership with the powers of the Universe within us.

May you dedicate yourself and your life to what is calling you from within. 
When you feel such powerful heart desire, you can be sure to contribute to the evolution of humanity and beyond with your sacred service and contribution.
You are here to shine your Divine Rainbow Light to illumine your life and the life of others: may our books bless your path reminding you who you really are: joy, love and freedom.

Meeting of the Souls

Meeting of the Souls

When you meet someone special your life changes in amazing ways: you’re able to freely share your most intimate self, aspirations and emotions, feeling that the other gets you. That someone could be a friend, a partner, a pet, a soul sister or brother… No matter the label but the magic you co-create and enjoy with this special someone. Your life brighten up as you’re able to tap even deeper in your own divine magical essence: it’s one of the most precious miracle that life can BLESS you with!

Palloncino has been blessed with this too and he could FEEL something in the air as his friend-to-be Palloncina was not that far from him. He felt the impulse to rise up in flight and that led him to meeting Palloncina.

It’s always a matter of DIVINE ALIGNMENT: when you are open to receive the impulse, you’re able to feel it and act upon it. This would eventually lead you to unexpected and unbelievable synchronicities…

Isn’t it the meaning of life? Be so crystal clear that you’re led by INSPIRATION, the inner self who knows what’s best for you and lead you there, like a MIRACLE MAGNET.

The 10th book of the inspirational children’s series “The Travels of Palloncino” is out!

Palloncino has a feeling that something special is in the air, so he rises in flight and among the clouds discovers a cute little hot-air balloon: Palloncina. Together they will have fun playing on hills, rivers, waterfalls and under a magical rainbow!

Enjoy this book where you’re invited at co-creating magic and playing under RAINBOWS with you INNER CHILD!

While watching Palloncino

rising into the air,

they smile at each other.

DaddyBalloon asks MummyBalloon:

“How did Palloncino seem to you?”

“He is quite different today,

as if he had caught

something special in the air.

Something that made his Heart beat…”

MummyBalloon answers.


DaddyBallon continues

“And now he will go in search

for an explanation for his state of mind…”

Meanwhile, Palloncino is flying.

Nuvolino and Nuvolina

glide besides him to say hello:

“Hi Palloncino!”

Say the two Clouds.

“Hello friends!”

The little hot-air balloon replies.

“Where are you going?”

They ask him.

“I don’t know yet exactly…”

Palloncino replies.

“It seems, however,

that you are looking for something…”

The two Clouds say.

“Actually, it seems like that to me, too…”

Palloncino confesses.

“Today, while I was resting at a Tree,

I suddenly woke up and

I felt like flying:

could you tell me why?”

Asks the little hot-air balloon.

Little Flower

Little Flower

Palloncino is very upset when he finds out that his friend Little Flower (Fiorellino) is no longer there. He thinks he can go and get him back but his other friend – Belfiore – helps him to ‘let him go’ since Little Flower himself has chosen to leave.

How many times do we, like Palloncino, remain attached to the idea of someone or something we love and would like everything to stay the same, not accepting change?
This is one of the themes of our lives: like Helen and Lorenzo, we have faced many experiences that have led us to let go of what we had before in order to open ourselves completely to something new, unknown.
Was it easy? I would say not at all, even terrifying. 

And it was after realising that the external evolution actually reflected the internal one that helped us to let go of the old and open up to the new, being able to now accompany others on this path of renewal. The more we tried to look backwards, the more we were trapped. It was only when we began to look at the past with the eyes of evolution and appreciation that we were imbued with the energy of liberation. And although we have come a long way, it is not that we let go once and for all. Of course, there are big steps that are catalysing and deeply liberating. Then there is a constant attitude of letting go because human beings tend to ‘cling’ out of fear to what they know, avoiding the unknown at all costs. And it is only when we enters the realm of the unknown – quantum physics calls it the field of infinite possibilities – that magic happens…

Through the advice of his friend Belfiore,

Palloncino understands that nothing happens by chance and his sorrow for his flower friend Fiorellino turns into happiness for him. Respecting his friend’s choice, he will still be able to be close to him.

Buy "Little Flower" Book n.9 of the inspirational series "The travels of Palloncino"

Emotional Alchemy

Emotional Alchemy

First rise your energy and then play with your heart’s desires like a kid: would not it be nice if this happens?
In endless occasions, both with myself and with clients, I’ve notices that if the vibration is too low and you try to send your energy out to attract what you want, you make things worst. What you’ve within, goes out and from a place of low self-perception/self-esteem/chaos or fatigue, you can only receive that, nothing else.

Energy management is the ESSENTIAL basis from which we can build a strong foundation for our well-being and upliftment. It can be a paradox, but often times you might have no energy to take care of yourself and engage in your daily energy practices to rise your frequencies. The very first step is to acknowledge that and open up to receive the help you need (self-help could be too much to ask at this stage).

Just consider that your frequency is your centre and it has to be nourished every day in different ways to be high and crystal clear.
The current energetic shift of Gaia to the 5th dimension can be intense and there are days where I have to take it easy as I only have energy for myself.
Think about this process as waves: when they are too high and strong the very best thing to do is surrender and just be carried by them. It does not matter if sadness, frustration, powerlessness or grief arise: just acknowledge them as part of the process WITHOUT identifying with them.

We’re releasing millennia of old controlling programming and there are so many layers to get rid of. Remember that in order to shine there is the option to transform our physical body into a light body. In other words, from a carbon based body to a silicon/crystalline body structure to support the higher vibrational frequencies available on the planet as more plasma light waves reach the Earth.
You’re a powerful and luminous being of love AND you’re here to alchemize whatever is your “unwanted” in Rainbow Light: right now this is the biggest opportunity for humanity.
Do not judge what you feel, fully allow your emotions in your body and even dance with them: have fun to release them.
Your body is your Soul Sanctuary: use it to let go of what no longer serve you and embody what your essence is calling in. You’ve the power to do that and you’re here to experience ALCHEMY to the fullest: remember that you’re a master, even if sometimes you feel overwhelmed by your emotions/conditions and do not see the light at all.

Just relax, this wave will go back as it’s the natural rhythm of the ocean: just allow yourself the space to be in and out of it. You’re doing really well and the entire Universe ADORES you!

Slalom into the fifth dimension

Slalom into the fifth dimension

We are at the inception of the New Earth and it’s up to us choosing evolution over involution: we do not have any other option. Yes, I agree that it’s not like a walk in the park: it’s the most pressing call our soul has ever felt. It requires a lot of energy to evolve as we’re invited to let go of what no longer serves us in order to SHINE like never before!

That’s why everything gets so intense and you probably feel more that you’d like to feel, just by picking emotional debris from the incoherent global field. This is an essential part of these times: you’re invited to daily apply all the energetic/healing tools and practices at your disposal to keep your energy clear and high.
There has never been a time in our history (there was in other civilizations) where billions of peoples are focussed on the same global issues responding with fear, desperation and frustration.
So there has never been a time where it matters so much how you focus your energy and take care of yourself. There’s a huge call for new solutions, authenticity and truly sustainable ways of living in alignment with soul purpose.

The New Earth is not physically structured yet everywhere so you have to rely on your vision to call it in. Do you know how to slalom? That’s a great tool right now as you can slalom among the old world crumbling without being in it.
Palloncino is sharing his slalom adventures in Episode n.7 which is out!

See yourself slaloming gracefully in the current 3D reality as you ascend to the New Earth 5D reality, embracing your Divine Essence.
Slalom is part of our duality as we have to deal with the distortions that arise from this global fall before we can see a new renaissance, which is already happening. Time is an illusion as all our versions happen here and now at the same time. So the New Earth is already here, though we do not see it globally and we tend to think in linear time.
Time moves in spirals: maybe this is an easier way to understand parallel universes. 

The Travels of Palloncino inspirational book series is our most heartfelt contribution to the New Earth to educate honouring your truth, while dealing with your very human emotions. 

In this episode, Palloncino is triggered by someone and his GrandParents’Balloon help him remember what he forgot.
Palloncino releases his judgment and we can learn to do the same.
Maybe we still hold onto subtles judgements towards certain peoples/situations/events though as we set them free, we actually set ourselves free.

Slalom is a metaphor to flow like water towards what we’re meant to live, instead of attaching ourselves to what take our power away and distract us from being whole=fulfilled. In practical terms, it’s about releasing what disempowers us, makes us sick or feel unworthy.

Palloncino is not just a book series for kids: it’s also for us adults open to play more with our inner child and set him or her free and wild.

Remember that your sacred fire lies in your Inner Child and the more you connect to it, the more you choose the Path of the Heart that leads to all your blessings and wishes fulfilled.
May you always walk on the Path of Love and you find it again and again when you lose it.

Click here to discover episode 7 “Slalom”;-)


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