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Our journey began long before we met, though it was boosted when we got married with our ceremony in Nature that led us to travel the world. We lived in enchanting places while letting go of our fears to become more and more who we really are, Rainbow Light.

We have published books on Education, Happiness, Evolution and the Law of Attraction, inspiring to live authentic relationships, honouring that with yourself.

We share a profound love for each other -often telepathy- and having processed a lot in our relationship, we also support other couples on their journey to find each other again, or to let each other go with grace.

   We are here to activate your multidimensional being by re-awakening the Divine Spark within, leading to an ever-expanding awareness and a deep sense of Freedom and Fulfilment. 


I’m Helen,


5D Evolution Guide, Truth Facilitator, Empowerment Teacher, Soul Healer, Rainbow Goddess Activator, Psychologist, Inspirational Author & Speaker, Medicine Woman and Priestess in Avalon and Lemuria. I share my gifts of heart-to-heart crystalline communication and balance between the Divine Feminine and Sacred Masculine to restore harmony and beauty and co-create Paradise on Earth.

As a Truth Guardian, Truth is in my energy template: I easily connect you to your Soul Path so that you gracefully receive euphoric, unlimited Blessings.

Having lost and given away my Soul Power more than once, I learned much about taking it back my and facilitating this path to others.

I have always felt “different” and at 17 yo I was on a mission in the Amazonas, Brazil, collecting wisdom from the  indigenous people.

I then realized that my “mission” was elsewhere. I wanted to bring my sunshine to those who really needed it, the people in western society who forgot how to laugh and play, so I studied psychology.

I practised as a holistic psychologist for 8+ years. I was also trained in Naturopathy, Shamanism, Body-Mind and Angel Therapy, Channeling and Lightwork (the list is longer).

 I received a diagnosis that no one would ever want to hear and I felt powerless.  I surrendered to my inner guidance – that was very different from what traditional doctors told me to do – and I called in all my courage to go on the road less travelled. I’ve been very supported and I’ve discovered the hidden treasure waiting for me to be found. Today I thank this health issue as I’ve sealed a power I did not know I had and expanded my heart in unimaginable ways.

Now I know the deep meaning of true healing that starts from within.

My eclectic work is infused with intuition, creativity and a great sense of wonder and possibilities. 

I am a Starseed from Mintaka and I am in love with crystal clear waters, whales and dolphins: I am here to re-connect you with your Divine and Magical Essence.

If you feel resonance with my “Rainbow Ligh Frequencies” I’ll be honoured to be a blessing to you and your evolution. You can read more on “How can I help you” blog post.


I’m Lorenzo

Inspirational Teacher, Author and Speaker, 5D Evolution Guide, Truth Facilitator & Soul Healer. I am here to help you stay in contact with your Inspiration, the broader part of you that knows you very well. You can count on this inner guidance to understand the power of your thoughts and the role of your emotions, to make daily and big decisions by living momentum and taking inspired action.

Developing a deep sense of appreciation and allowing well-being, you attract more goods and open up to experience True Joy.

I felt the calling as a spiritual teacher since my childhood.


After living the first part of my life following the tradition of my family, which gave me a great sense of practicality, my calling brought me on a very different path and a whole new journey began, also physically, travelling to places that I had never visited before, which led me to activate a new part of me, what I define Inspiration.

My days always start with meditation, “inner listening” that continues during the day to amplify appreciation and well-being.

Thanks to my inspiration, a path of evolution got gradually traced, where the pieces I need and ask for, always arrive at the right time and, also in the right place.

I am a Starseed from Arcturus and the healing arts are second nature to me. I have been trained in several types of Massages, Pranic Healing, Channeling and Meditation. I have navigated big shifts and life changes and if you’re in transition or need clarity I can support you. I know that along the path there’re roadwork and blocks: I had to let go of my old identity and attachments to become who I’m today.

I use the metaphor of the hot air balloon to describe life as a Journey, remembering precious information and tools to empower relationships and life’s purpose. If you’re ready to acknowledge your Inner Compass to live your expansion and evolution to the fullest, I’ll be honoured to be by your side.

Helen and Lorenzo are two extraordinary beings of Light, teachers of the science and soul of Light.
Their passion for directing education towards the purpose of life has penetrated their essence, making them two pioneers, a unified force transmitting pure love and blessings to humanity.

Dr. Krishna Madappa

Scientist & Inventor of Jiva Water, Co-founder of the Institute for Science, Spirituality & Sustainability in Taos, NM USA

I adore trees

My shamanic name is “Tall Oak”

My daily practice

Be the Flow of Life

Exploring together

We laugh and play like children

I will never cease to thank Helen, without whom my soul healing process would have been very complicated.
Before embarking on the path, I was like a ship in a stormy sea: I had lost my bearings and was completely clouded by grief.
Helen was my lighthouse, my spiritual guide who accompanied me with her passionate and sensitive professionalism to reconnect with my soul and thus see the light again.
Through the tools she offers – her books are also very important – you can reconnect with your source and rediscover that great power of the soul that everyone has within themselves.

Thank you so much Helen

Anita Lupinetti, Italy

Lorenzo has opened my eyes on so many aspects of my life. I finally found peace in my past and so much desire to live the present and the future. What I have received is absolutely immense: I see the world with new eyes and it is such a special and priceless gift!

Thank you so much Lorenzo

Marzia R., Italy


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