Attract your Soulmate


In this program I share the vibrational practices and wisdom I embodied to attract my soul mate in total alignment to my energetic style.

The more you become yourself (at a cellular level) the more you’re open to meet the one that perfectly resonates with you: a true vibrational match, where earth and sky begin their euphoric synphony of oneness.


You attract your ideal partner when your thoughts, emotions and inspired actions are aligned to your heart desire.


Shifting your focus to stabilize your Rainbow Light Frequency instantly transforms the reality you live by unsealing the quantum field where miracles happen.


 As the Aboriginal people chant their desires to call them forth from the invisible to the visible realm.

“Attract your Soulmate” is designed for creative women – and bold men – of all ages who long for their soul mate as they feel it is part of their spiritual evolution. Sharing your life with your Soulmate is one of the most wonderful gifts you can receive, as you embark on a journey of growth and discovery, shining together.

This course initiates an “energetic cosmic dance” with the partner that is waiting for you!


5 hours of lessons

6 downloadable videos in mp4 format: you follow the course at your own pace

Unlimited access

The course is yours forever: you can retake it as many times as you wish


5 Guided meditations and creative imaginations to support you along the way

"Attract your Soulmate"


Price: 793€

Course description

1 "Discover your energetic style"

I’ll teach you how to unlock your energetic style in order to discover yourself and the shiny diamond within you. This module teaches you how to recognize and honour your unique energetic style: the foundation of a vibrant and healthy relationship with yourself and, consequently, with your Soul mate.

2 "Fall in love with yourself"

Love is something that you usually search outside but I’ll teach you the first place where you have to look for it: within yourself. Whatever gives you relief, pleasure and joy is an act of love and you’ll practice feeling, expressing and sharing love from within. If you want to attract love, become love first.

3 "Beyond fear, self-doubt and limiting beliefs"

What are you afraid of? What do you need to let go of in order to truly love and be loved? The difficulties that you live can lead to your desires, since they provide a special map to follow. This module will teach you how to read this map in order to transform every crisis in an opportunity of evolution.
We’ll unveil one limiting belief at the time to generate new and empowering ones that serve your desires -and not your fears- by turning your emotions around, especially when you feel stuck, frustrated or angry. Get ready to dive into a new life of creativity, wonders and surprises!

4 "Picture your Soul Mate"

It takes practice to learn focusing on what you want, the presence of your desire, instead of its lack. It is essential that you recognize the difference. In this module I’ll teach you how to “become” your desire by thinking, feeling, seeing, smelling, touching, tasting and breathing your Soul mate. Because when you enter your most wonderful version you’re able to envision your new life by activating this possibility into the quantum field. Imagination is the preview of all reality.

5 "Open yourself to receive your desire"

If you know how to shape your reality, but you do not know how to let it in, you’ll never live the reality that you dream about. The powerful teaching of the Art of Allowing will give you the tools to fully allow your virtual reality to manifest into your physical reality. When you learn how to let go of any attachment to what you seek, what you seek naturally and effortlessly comes your way.


This is a practical, clear and effective course that conveys serenity.Thanks for the precious keys to expand my awareness around love.


A treasure 

A beautiful course
I’m fully satisfied: Helen conveys contagious joyful energy and shares great tips to raise one’s vibrations!

"Attract your Soulmate"



Price 793€

Helen and Lorenzo's warranty

We are sure that you will benefit immensely from this training, that will inspire you to open up to experience more happiness and fulfilment in your life.
We want you to enrol if you are ready for a change.
However, if attending “Attract your SoulMate” you realize that is not for you, just let us know within 17 days of the purchase and we’ll give you a full refund, no questions asked.

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