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Are you ready to awaken your Rainbow Goddess and RainbowMan within?


 SHINE is Rainbow Light School’s monthly membership to rise above separation, attachment, old programming and consequent distorted beliefs to tap into the Quantum Field of Infinite Possibilities/ 5D / I AM Presence where true healing occurs and miracles happen: welcome back home!



When you Shine your Rainbow Light you:

– Wake up with a sense of wonder and fulfilment

– Turn lead into gold through inner alchemy

– Share your gifts – the colours of your Soul – to uplift humanity


You can’t shine if your energy isn’t flowing and you get caught up in…

– The tendency to self-doubt, judgement and blame

– Heart disconnection that causes division and lowers your vibration

– Playing “small” for the fear of being “too much” or “not enough” not expressing who you really are

We’ve been there, that’s why we can help, wether you’re looking for healing, inspiration or miraculous breakthroughs.


Tap into your Greatest Version and Infinite Possibilities

You are precious and you are here to express your “uniqueness” which is a treasure for the evolution of our Planet: you’re meant to shine!

When you acknowledge and live your truth, you break free from attachment and illuminate your Divine Essence.


-You live your purpose and fully express your talents to the fullest

– You nurture the sacred connection to your Soul Sanctuary embodying your Soul Power

– You discover creative ways to meditate and Flow with the Magic of life

– You are free to attract and enjoy wonderful relationships and meaningful experiences

Lorenzo supports you to:

– Listen to your inspiration and recognize its messages/signs

– Transform your inner dynamics to experience uplifting relationships, starting with yourself

– Open up to the revitalizing power of change

– Take charge of your life with a vision

– Activate your RainbowMan sacred masculine energy in spontaneous ways

Helen supports you to:

– Releasing attachment to embrace your Soul Power and co-create Magic

– Expand your sacred Light vessel to receive Guidance and Blessings from the Universe

– Dance with the Flow of Infinite Intelligence in alignment with the Cosmos 

– Awaken your Rainbow Goddess divine feminine energy through the frequencies of Joy, Love and Beauty

– Celebrate Earth cycles, solstices and equinoxes


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