Couple's Rainbow Sessions

Are you ready to shining together?


We offer a free connection session to discover if we’re a good match to work together, you can book it below.

Ready to skyrocket your relationship? Let’s reach the stars with our most comprehensive programs with 3 or 6 sessions.

You can also book a single session if you want to take your time or if we’ve already worked together and you need a follow-up session. 

Welcome to your soul’s quest for love, intimacy and connection!

-You want to better understand the role you play in your couple

-You want a deeper connection to your Inner Self and with your partner 

-You do not feel comfortable living intimacy with your partner: it is not spontaneous nor relaxed 

-You would love to share a common project, but you do not know where to start 

-You have lost some enthusiasm and you often go on autopilot 

-You seek more Clarity, Love and Connection on all levels

You deserve a special relationship based on complicity, reciprocity and a heart-to-heart communication and you are meant to have it all!

 We have helped so many couples to light-up again their flame to Dance Together

Let us support you too

Your complimentary session

Helen and Lorenzo use their original method “Shine your Rainbow Light” which includes a wide range of creative processes specifically designed to let go of the emotional baggage that limits your life expression, so that you’re free to anchor your new Rainbow Light frequency.

 Helen and Lorenzo’s presence naturally generates change since the vibration they emanate uplifts and connects you to your sacred place where all starts to heal and flourish.

Lorenzo’s first session begins with the Rooms of Light, a straightforward original process to tap into your inner knowing to get a crystal clear focus. He uses pranic healing if something big needs to be released, though his words already provide spontaneous healing and activation.

Helen’s first session begins with the Tale of Light, a powerful creative process to access your inner resources and guidance with ease.

She also uses past life regressions – when needed – informed water, body work and your name number meaning according to chaldean numerology (and the possibility to change it, if not aligned with you/unfortunate). She offers drawings/creative tests readings if you have kids or students and you’d like to dive into their inner world to best support them. 

Crypto payments available!

Contact us at to ask for our crypto wallet address: we accept UST, LUNA, ETH and BTC at the exchange rate of the day you make the payment;-)

“We have started to live again and we really mean it. It’s so liberating to feel so alive and full of love again. We are enjoying so much the exploration of new possibilities in our relationship and in our lives. Thanks so much for your support!”

Elisa and Simone



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