Teen Rainbow Sessions

Welcome kid or teenager full of Rainbow Light!

You might have a difficult time expressing who you really are and you do not see the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe you feel different, out of place and not fitting in; and you mistake your sensitivity for weakness and judge it. Know that you are different and this is your uniqueness. I felt different too at your age, I did not belong and I wanted to go “home”… Decades later I’ve discovered that I am a Mintakan starseed and homesickness is natural to most of us. Maybe you just want to tap into the Infinite Energy that creates all, expand your capabilities and discover ancient/modern ways to become a Soul Alchemist. Just know that you are so much adored and cared for that the entire Universe is cheering you up 🌀

Let’s go on adventures to discover…

– The meaning of your own inner Rainbow

– The language of your SOUL and LIGHT CODE: color, sound and movement

– The Science of Light – or Quantum Physics – and its practical applications in your life

– The mysteries of informed water, dreams, crystals, nature, intentions and all that is magical and empowering at 360°


When I was your age, I wish I could have someone who could…

– Shed some light on my path

– Support me in understanding my feelings and dynamics

– Believe in my potentials, gifts and capabilities

– Show me the ancient/modern ways to become a Soul Alchemist

– Embrace me unconditionally and cheer me up

That’s why I am here for you to see you thrive 🦄

Book your free connection session (around 30 mins)

with Helen or Lorenzo

Lorenzo’s first session begins with the Rooms of Light, an original process to tap into your inner knowing. He also uses pranic healing if something big needs to be released, though his words already provide spontaneous healing and activation.

Helen’s first session begins with the Tale of Light, a powerful creative process to access your inner resources and guidance with ease.

She also uses past life regressions/progressions – when needed – informed water, body work and your name number meaning according to chaldean numerology (and the possibility to change it, if not aligned with you/unfortunate). She also offers drawings/creative tests readings to dive into your inner world and unravel it.

Crypto payments available!

Contact us at info@cascatediluce.com to ask for our crypto wallet address: we accept UST, LUNA, ETH and BTC at the exchange rate of the day you make the payment;-)

“Helen and Lorenzo are deep, experienced space holders so that true liberation of one’s joy, creativity and imagination can occur.

Thank you so much!!!”

Raimonda Pironti, Montreal

Intuitive guide and artist, Heartistic Playground


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