Rainbow Sessions

Individual and for couples

When you take back your Soul Power and follow your Inspiration you embody all your colours and light up the world around you.

You’re infused with a higher frequency that ignite your life with love, joy, connection and freedom.

The Rainbow is a powerful sacred vessel for instant transformation, activation and healing.

Helen’s and Lorenzo’s embodiment of the Rainbow Goddess and RainbowMan help you with:

– Activating your Soul purpose

– Expressing your creativity in all areas of life to have fun and be in flow

– Attracting your Soul Mate or co-creating with your partner beyond your dreams

– Communicating your truth and harmonizing your relationships

– Clearing your space to manifest with ease and grace 

 Becoming the Rainbow you know you’re


Helen and Lorenzo use their original method “Shine your Rainbow Light” which includes a wide range of creative processes specifically designed to let go of the emotional baggage that limits your life expression, so that you’re free to anchor your new Rainbow Light frequency.

 Helen and Lorenzo’s presence naturally generates change since the vibration they emanate uplifts and connects you to your sacred place where all starts to heal and flourish.

Lorenzo’s first session begins with the Rooms of Light, a straightforward original process to tap into your inner knowing to get a crystal clear focus. He uses pranic healing if something big needs to be released, though his words already provide spontaneous healing and activation.

Helen’s first session begins with the Tale of Light, a powerful creative process to access your inner resources and guidance with ease.

She also uses past life regressions – when needed – informed water, body work and your name number meaning according to chaldean numerology (and the possibility to change it, if not aligned/unfortunate).

She offers drawings/creative tests readings if you have kids or students and you’d like to dive into their inner world to best support them.


Individual Rainbow Sessions



Couple's Rainbow Sessions



Lorenzo has opened my eyes on so many aspects of my life. I finally found peace in my past and so much desire to live the present and the future. What I have received is absolutely immense: I see the world with new eyes and it is such a special and priceless gift!

Thank you so much Lorenzo

Marzia R., Prato, Italy

I will never cease to thank Helen, without whom my soul healing process would have been very complicated.
Before embarking on the path, I was like a ship in a stormy sea: I had lost my bearings and was completely clouded by grief.
Helen was my lighthouse, my spiritual guide who accompanied me with her passionate and sensitive professionalism to reconnect with my soul and thus see the light again.
Through the tools she offers – her books are also very important – you can reconnect with your source and rediscover that great power of the soul that everyone has within themselves.

Thank you so much Helen

Anita Lupinetti, Pistoia, Italy


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