Inspirational books for kids “The travels of Palloncino”

The inspirational children’s book series “The travels of Palloncino” tells the story of coloured hot-air ballons who live in the Garden of Wonders, a magical place where desires come true. Mummyballoon and Daddyballoon express their wish: a little hot-air-balloon to fly in the Skies of Possibilities.

So they go to the Sun – the Source of Love which illuminates the parth of every hot-air balloon – and ask for a ray of light to bring Palloncino to them. 

This children’s book series is at the core of “Rainbow Light School” an innovative educational paradigm for adults and children, inspired by the most recent discoveries of Quantum Physics, concerning the endless and creative possibilities of the mind associated with the emotions, the Teachings of Abraham and our solar vision “Education of Light”. It is for parents, educators, teachers, coaches, starseeds, curious and creative souls who desire to co-create Paradise on Earth.

 It is education to the wonder of life, an invitation to a joyous self-expression to live a happy and realized life. More than preparing kids for life, Rainbow Light School inspires them to live life here and now, because more than lessons to be learnt, life is to be lived.


This is a leading edge school for open minds and pure hearts, an evolutionary school and a laboratory for research and experimentation of knowledge, that becomes dynamic knowledge: lived, applied and represented via the language of the “Spiral model”, which includes sound, movement and colour.

This is Education of Light that teaches the great role that emotions play in your life as they are an indicator which helps you to recognize the degree of resonance you have with everything. Recognising this simple, yet not-so-used mechanism, offers you the certainty that you can always rely on yourself to feel what suits you best.

This unleashes a great deal of self-confidence and power because you acknowledge your own voice: a priceless gift!


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