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Take back your power

Colour your life







 with Helen Star and Lorenzo Sbrinci









“Shine your Rainbow Light LIVE” is a lighthouse that illuminates providing guidance and clarity, whether you’re looking for:

-Your life purpose: your talents and how to express them to the fullest

– A satisfying relationship with yourself and Source to embody your Soul Power and Divinity

– Balance, understanding and complicity in your couple

– A creative way to meditate and flow with the magic of life

Lorenzo supports you to:

– Listen to your inspiration and recognize its messages/signs

– Transform your inner dynamics to experience uplifting relationships, starting with yourself

– Open up to the revitalizing power of change

– Take charge of your life with a vision

– Activate your masculine energy in spontaneous ways

2021 Calendar:


Saturday November 20th: “What keeps your balloon high when you feel like you don’t see anything on the horizon”


Saturday November 27th:”Going towards themselves, our Inner Light”


 6pm CET (Central European Time, Rome time)

Helen supports you to:

– Awaken your “Rainbow Goddess” feminine energy in alignment with the moon’s cycles

– Take back your Soul Power to activate the frequency of Joy, Love and Beauty

– Expand your sacred vessel of Light and Blessings

– Dance with the Flow of the Cosmos

– Integrate Genesa Crystal healing and visionary, leading-edge sacred alchemy


2021 Calendar:


Friday November 19th 

Sunday December 19th


 2 pm CET (Central European Time, Rome time)

When you Shine your Rainbow Light you:

– Wake up with a sense of joy and fulfilment

– Love the wonder that you are

– Enjoy happy relationships that add an amazing value to your existance

– Discover and live your talents, the colours of your Soul


But sometimes you cannot Shine your Light because your energy isn’t flowing and you get caught up in…
 – The tendency to blame the outside (the others, the situations …) for what is still not working in your life
– The judgment of others as an excuse not to take off – playing “small” and not “big” for fear of being “too much” or “not enough” – the fear of expressing who you really are
– The fear of not being able to manifest what you desire: a partner, an ideal job, a project or a lifestyle …

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We are here to facilitate your evolution, turning doubts and difficulties into your greatest opportunities and infinite possibilities
You are unique and you are on Earth to express your full potential: your “uniqueness” is a treasure for all of us: we want you to shine!
Someone before us said: “The truth will set you free” and we deeply believe it because if you acknowledge and live your truth, you become:
– Free to express your talents
– Free to attract and enjoy wonderful relationships and life experiences
– Free to manifest the purpose of your life

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