Tale of Light

Tale of Light” is a leading-edge creative process designed to access your most precious resources and SOULutions directly from your Inner Being or Soul. It has been gifted to me by Source to support you and I’ve ever since used it as an energetic screening tool to set the direction back to your Power Source. It does not matter if you’re seeking spiritual, emotional or psychological relief, physical healing, empowerment or any kind of support to fulfil your soul’s purpose, lifestyle or business destiny.

Tale of Light” unfolds your infinite possibilities to thrive as it’s designed to identify where you’re right now – through the first spiral, I ask you to draw, along with words that come up and describe your emotional state – and carry you where you’re meant to be, your Truth.

This first spontaneous spiral that you draw is like a picture of you here and now and it often points out eventual resistances you are experiencing. Once this first phase is complete, I invite you to write down words that come to you without filters: just the first ones that you receive spontaneously, no matter if they make no sense to you (they always make sense to me;-)

Out of these 5-15 words (approximately), you’re going to write a tale, making sure that you’re using all of them. It does not have to be a long tale, just include all your words and follow your inspiration.

In the last phase, you’re invited to draw a final spiral using all the colours you’re drawn to, like in spiral n.1. If you feel words coming up you can write them down, as you draw.

The whole process is guided and I have shared it to let you know what usually looks like during the first session with me. You’re welcome to do the process on your own if we have already done it together and you want to do an update. In fact, “Tale of Light” can be done more than once as you progress in your life and want to have another powerful insight after a while.

Having worked as a holistic psychologist for 8+ years I have read and interpreted many creative psychological tests for children and I have combined this skill set with my intuition in the “Tale of Light”.

I look at the drawings in great detail: the colours you use and their meanings, the position and size of the spiral and its movement and so on. Of course, I cannot summarize years of study and practice in a few sentences, as it has become second nature to me.

That’s why I highly recommend you to schedule a Rainbow Session – or a package if you’d like more than one – to unlock all the messages you’ll receive from your “Tale of Light” process and implement it on a practical level. If you do it by yourself, you’re probably not able to read properly all the signs you receive and this could result in diminishing the process’ effectiveness and liberating power. Besides, when you have someone guiding you, you are able to relax more and be 100% immersed in the process, not in its unfolding.

Rainbow Sessions are designed to support you in releasing old programming, limiting beliefs and negative patterns to embrace the greatest version of who you truly are, by accessing your Power Source and stepping into the Realm of Infinite Possibilities.

Lorenzo and I use several other creative life-changing processes that we’ve designed to guide you back home, to your Rainbow Light.

May your Rainbow Light shines to enlighten your life and the whole Universe with Love, Joy and Freedom.


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