Message for kids and teens of the New Earth

It seems there’s something super special about today’s new moon: a celestial event that happened over 2000 years ago is just reoccuring today!

I believe that we can decide to start anew in any moment if we truly intend so, though I’m really intrigued by astrological conjunctions that can add extra fire to our intentions. We’re deeply connected to the stars since we come from there; so any celestial event is dear to my heart as it reminds me that I’m part of the whole Universe.

These last days I’ve dedicated myself to the birth of a space very closed to my heart too, education and support for kids and teens.

I’ll share more about it in the near future when I’ll be more ahead, today I just want to share that I recorded a short video message for free spirits kids and teens of the New Earth and it gave me chills…

It has been like wishering to a baby plant that just sprouted from the ground and it connected me to little Helen, just arrived on Planet Earth and all the souls that went through such process called LIFE.

It has been a mix of “I wish I had a guide, someone I could talk to when I was your age” and “how exciting that these new kids have already such powerful support already in place”…

This leads me to our spontaneous capacity to start anew wherever we decide to do so, even if it takes what it takes.

The message I’ve just recorded is not only for the sensitive kids and teens who are looking for a broader perspective on life.

This message is for the kids and teens within us, ready to take lead of our lives again with enthusiasm and wonder.

May this special day brings forth your own kid or teen and you too have fun together.


UPDATE: Calling all the sensitive, free spirits, starseeds kids & teens looking for support and guidance🧚🏻

Teen Rainbow Sessions are available now! And my video message has just landed, enjoy it:-)


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