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Palloncino is very upset when he finds out that his friend Little Flower (Fiorellino) is no longer there. He thinks he can go and get him back but his other friend – Belfiore – helps him to ‘let him go’ since Little Flower himself has chosen to leave.

How many times do we, like Palloncino, remain attached to the idea of someone or something we love and would like everything to stay the same, not accepting change?
This is one of the themes of our lives: like Helen and Lorenzo, we have faced many experiences that have led us to let go of what we had before in order to open ourselves completely to something new, unknown.
Was it easy? I would say not at all, even terrifying. 

And it was after realising that the external evolution actually reflected the internal one that helped us to let go of the old and open up to the new, being able to now accompany others on this path of renewal. The more we tried to look backwards, the more we were trapped. It was only when we began to look at the past with the eyes of evolution and appreciation that we were imbued with the energy of liberation. And although we have come a long way, it is not that we let go once and for all. Of course, there are big steps that are catalysing and deeply liberating. Then there is a constant attitude of letting go because human beings tend to ‘cling’ out of fear to what they know, avoiding the unknown at all costs. And it is only when we enters the realm of the unknown – quantum physics calls it the field of infinite possibilities – that magic happens…

Through the advice of his friend Belfiore,

Palloncino understands that nothing happens by chance and his sorrow for his flower friend Fiorellino turns into happiness for him. Respecting his friend’s choice, he will still be able to be close to him.

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