Slalom into the fifth dimension

We are at the inception of the New Earth and it’s up to us choosing evolution over involution: we do not have any other option. Yes, I agree that it’s not like a walk in the park: it’s the most pressing call our soul has ever felt. It requires a lot of energy to evolve as we’re invited to let go of what no longer serves us in order to SHINE like never before!

That’s why everything gets so intense and you probably feel more that you’d like to feel, just by picking emotional debris from the incoherent global field. This is an essential part of these times: you’re invited to daily apply all the energetic/healing tools and practices at your disposal to keep your energy clear and high.
There has never been a time in our history (there was in other civilizations) where billions of peoples are focussed on the same global issues responding with fear, desperation and frustration.
So there has never been a time where it matters so much how you focus your energy and take care of yourself. There’s a huge call for new solutions, authenticity and truly sustainable ways of living in alignment with soul purpose.

The New Earth is not physically structured yet everywhere so you have to rely on your vision to call it in. Do you know how to slalom? That’s a great tool right now as you can slalom among the old world crumbling without being in it.
Palloncino is sharing his slalom adventures in Episode n.7 which is out!

See yourself slaloming gracefully in the current 3D reality as you ascend to the New Earth 5D reality, embracing your Divine Essence.
Slalom is part of our duality as we have to deal with the distortions that arise from this global fall before we can see a new renaissance, which is already happening. Time is an illusion as all our versions happen here and now at the same time. So the New Earth is already here, though we do not see it globally and we tend to think in linear time.
Time moves in spirals: maybe this is an easier way to understand parallel universes. 

The Travels of Palloncino inspirational book series is our most heartfelt contribution to the New Earth to educate honouring your truth, while dealing with your very human emotions. 

In this episode, Palloncino is triggered by someone and his GrandParents’Balloon help him remember what he forgot.
Palloncino releases his judgment and we can learn to do the same.
Maybe we still hold onto subtles judgements towards certain peoples/situations/events though as we set them free, we actually set ourselves free.

Slalom is a metaphor to flow like water towards what we’re meant to live, instead of attaching ourselves to what take our power away and distract us from being whole=fulfilled. In practical terms, it’s about releasing what disempowers us, makes us sick or feel unworthy.

Palloncino is not just a book series for kids: it’s also for us adults open to play more with our inner child and set him or her free and wild.

Remember that your sacred fire lies in your Inner Child and the more you connect to it, the more you choose the Path of the Heart that leads to all your blessings and wishes fulfilled.
May you always walk on the Path of Love and you find it again and again when you lose it.

Click here to discover episode 7 “Slalom”;-)


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