Emotional Alchemy

First rise your energy and then play with your heart’s desires like a kid: would not it be nice if this happens?
In endless occasions, both with myself and with clients, I’ve notices that if the vibration is too low and you try to send your energy out to attract what you want, you make things worst. What you’ve within, goes out and from a place of low self-perception/self-esteem/chaos or fatigue, you can only receive that, nothing else.

Energy management is the ESSENTIAL basis from which we can build a strong foundation for our well-being and upliftment. It can be a paradox, but often times you might have no energy to take care of yourself and engage in your daily energy practices to rise your frequencies. The very first step is to acknowledge that and open up to receive the help you need (self-help could be too much to ask at this stage).

Just consider that your frequency is your centre and it has to be nourished every day in different ways to be high and crystal clear.
The current energetic shift of Gaia to the 5th dimension can be intense and there are days where I have to take it easy as I only have energy for myself.
Think about this process as waves: when they are too high and strong the very best thing to do is surrender and just be carried by them. It does not matter if sadness, frustration, powerlessness or grief arise: just acknowledge them as part of the process WITHOUT identifying with them.

We’re releasing millennia of old controlling programming and there are so many layers to get rid of. Remember that in order to shine there is the option to transform our physical body into a light body. In other words, from a carbon based body to a silicon/crystalline body structure to support the higher vibrational frequencies available on the planet as more plasma light waves reach the Earth.
You’re a powerful and luminous being of love AND you’re here to alchemize whatever is your “unwanted” in Rainbow Light: right now this is the biggest opportunity for humanity.
Do not judge what you feel, fully allow your emotions in your body and even dance with them: have fun to release them.
Your body is your Soul Sanctuary: use it to let go of what no longer serve you and embody what your essence is calling in. You’ve the power to do that and you’re here to experience ALCHEMY to the fullest: remember that you’re a master, even if sometimes you feel overwhelmed by your emotions/conditions and do not see the light at all.

Just relax, this wave will go back as it’s the natural rhythm of the ocean: just allow yourself the space to be in and out of it. You’re doing really well and the entire Universe ADORES you!


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