The Planet of Colours

The Planet of Colours

UPDATE at the bottom!

As a child I often drew the space with me swinging happily on the swing hanging from the moon, surrounded by stars and planets. Today I realise how vivid the memories of my stellar origins still were and, although I had no conscious memories as a starseed of Mintaka, I spent hours giving shape and colour to the galaxies.
I loved to draw and episode 12 ‘The Planet of Colours’ of the inspirational book series ‘The travels of Palloncino’ tells of the special essence of colours and their symbolic, regenerating, activating and all-round healing power: from the body to the subtle bodies.
Colour gives vibrancy and light to life and together with sound and movement (I have already written an episode on the latter, it will come later on) is part of the Language of the Soul. Colour is an important mode of expression of the deepest part of us that I like to call Rainbow Light, Inner Being or Divine Spark, the luminous essence at the origin of who we really are.
May we all, adults and children alike, look at colours with the enchanted eyes of wonder to appreciate the preciousness, exhilaration and well-being they always give unconditionally, to everything and everyone.

The memorable adventure that the two little hot-air balloons will experience on the brilliant Planet of Colours stems from their desire to explore what is LIGHT, in all its infinite and shining forms: enjoy!

Palloncina and Palloncino explore the Skies of Possibilities through the telescope to find out where their next adventure will be.
The Planet of Colours attracts them. Its inhabitants – cheerful brushes – will become their friends, inspiring them to perceive the wonderful sensations that the colours of the rainbow offer.

Enjoy an excerpt of the book:










*UPDATE: Would you like to gift a great book to your kids, pupils or to yourself?

Not long ago we published the inspirational book “The Planet of Colours” though it was only ebook and soft cover format. Today we also have a beautiful hard cover option available on several online resellers like Barnes & Noble and Amazon among others, not to mention the traditional bookshops.

We feel a strong call to dedicate ourselves to “The Travels of Palloncino” book series, it’s our top priority now, like a strong magnetism that keep us there 100%:
where’s your JOY, there’s your WAY:-)

It gives us so much joy to see that these books are already making an impact around the world – from Germany, UK, USA to Australia – and it’s a true bliss to give birth to them.

I (Helen) have almost drawn all the illustrations and I love putting them together with Lorenzo: it’s thrilling! Maybe I’ve been unsure regarding certain specific illustrations and when we assemble them, Lorenzo come up with the perfect idea for that special page. So it’s co-creation at its best and we feel like a lodestone keeping us glued to these books:-)

We only had un unexpected break last week since a little health problem “forced” us to take a few days off to take care of it and it has been a fantastic synchronicity since we already planned to visit our families for a couple of birthday’s celebrations. We just extended our staying there and it has been what we needed after many months of full-time work immersion. It has been a pleasure catching up with our nices and nephews and the rest of the family. We had lovely walks, parties, conversations, veggie garden’s prep & start and some rest. Sometimes the Universe has its own way to give us what we need, when we make excuses not to embrace it;-)

We have a total of 42 books in Italian & English, divided into:
33 episodes, 8 games (with practical application of the book’s concepts) and 1 colouring album.

Once we will be a bit more ahead with this majestic work, we’ll share other resources to help you with your needs and desires. They’ll integrate also our individual sessions – which have always been available – and group webinars as well.

This note is just to let you know that currently our focus is mainly on the children’s books creation and it will be so for some time. However, as we progress with Palloncino, we’ll be also able to offer other services that we have not been able to offer yet and that have been sitting behind the scenes for some time now.

As I write, we’ve all the book’s texts corrected (in Italian) and translated by me: I then send them for review to a lovely lady, Luisa, who lives in the Gold Coast, Australia. She’s currently translating episode n.14 “Good thoughts”, while we’re assembling the drawings of episode n.22 “Bells”. Each episode is not just entertaining, but also inspirational and carry very positive vibes & messages. We’ve currently paused the publications to give more space to the illustration’s assembling which is the major work right now.

In “The Travels of Palloncino” entertainment meets inspiration: a very powerful mix!!!
We wish we grew up reading these books, though we’re so grateful that they “arrived” to us at a later stage. These books do not really have a “recommended age” (though booksellers ask us to specify it) since they share timeless wisdom and our soul can enjoy them at any age or time!

If you would love to read “The Planet of Colours” hardcover or just discover more:

P.S. We’ve just added a “slide option” to the books on our website. This way, you can click on the cover and browse through the book with ease and flow!!!



What is calling you?

What is calling you?

One of the things we’ve come here to co-create – and maybe the dearest to our hearts-  is an original and creative education, Rainbow Light School, for the New Earth rising now.
The foundation for this is “The travels of Palloncino” inspirational children book’s series.
At the end of 2021 we said yes to publishing the first 10 episodes that waited for 10 years to see the light (except for one). 

The book series is not “just” 10 books: there are almost 40 written episodes in total and more stories to be written. With the ideas we have to develop, we can easily reach 50+ episodes. Yes, it’s already a cartoon!
We started with the first 10 stories as I had already illustrated them back then.
At the end of 2022 we said yes again to continue publishing from Episode 11 onward.

It meant start illustrating the new stories: I, Helen, was not sure I could draw again after all this time and so many episodes! But as soon as I said “yes, I’m ready to be of service”, inspiration hit me like a thunder: there are days that I cannot stop drawing!!! And I had to do a crush course on digital colouring, since Lorenzo did that on the first round and now was my turn;-)

Sometimes it seems such a big project to carry on…
But there are children waiting to read these stories and they’re “calling us”…

We are fully dedicated to write and draw these inspirational messages that flow to us like source water.
They are the books we wanted to read as kids…
They are the books that enchant us as adults, catapulting us in a magical world of rainbows…
They are uplifting and fun, creative vessels for empowering messages to support the children in their discovery of life, emotions, friends and their unique relationship with Source, the Light from which we all come here to remember how to co-create in partnership with the powers of the Universe within us.

May you dedicate yourself and your life to what is calling you from within. 
When you feel such powerful heart desire, you can be sure to contribute to the evolution of humanity and beyond with your sacred service and contribution.
You are here to shine your Divine Rainbow Light to illumine your life and the life of others: may our books bless your path reminding you who you really are: joy, love and freedom.

Meeting of the Souls

Meeting of the Souls

When you meet someone special your life changes in amazing ways: you’re able to freely share your most intimate self, aspirations and emotions, feeling that the other gets you. That someone could be a friend, a partner, a pet, a soul sister or brother… No matter the label but the magic you co-create and enjoy with this special someone. Your life brighten up as you’re able to tap even deeper in your own divine magical essence: it’s one of the most precious miracle that life can BLESS you with!

Palloncino has been blessed with this too and he could FEEL something in the air as his friend-to-be Palloncina was not that far from him. He felt the impulse to rise up in flight and that led him to meeting Palloncina.

It’s always a matter of DIVINE ALIGNMENT: when you are open to receive the impulse, you’re able to feel it and act upon it. This would eventually lead you to unexpected and unbelievable synchronicities…

Isn’t it the meaning of life? Be so crystal clear that you’re led by INSPIRATION, the inner self who knows what’s best for you and lead you there, like a MIRACLE MAGNET.

The 10th book of the inspirational children’s series “The Travels of Palloncino” is out!

Palloncino has a feeling that something special is in the air, so he rises in flight and among the clouds discovers a cute little hot-air balloon: Palloncina. Together they will have fun playing on hills, rivers, waterfalls and under a magical rainbow!

Enjoy this book where you’re invited at co-creating magic and playing under RAINBOWS with you INNER CHILD!

While watching Palloncino

rising into the air,

they smile at each other.

DaddyBalloon asks MummyBalloon:

“How did Palloncino seem to you?”

“He is quite different today,

as if he had caught

something special in the air.

Something that made his Heart beat…”

MummyBalloon answers.


DaddyBallon continues

“And now he will go in search

for an explanation for his state of mind…”

Meanwhile, Palloncino is flying.

Nuvolino and Nuvolina

glide besides him to say hello:

“Hi Palloncino!”

Say the two Clouds.

“Hello friends!”

The little hot-air balloon replies.

“Where are you going?”

They ask him.

“I don’t know yet exactly…”

Palloncino replies.

“It seems, however,

that you are looking for something…”

The two Clouds say.

“Actually, it seems like that to me, too…”

Palloncino confesses.

“Today, while I was resting at a Tree,

I suddenly woke up and

I felt like flying:

could you tell me why?”

Asks the little hot-air balloon.

Little Flower

Little Flower

Palloncino is very upset when he finds out that his friend Little Flower (Fiorellino) is no longer there. He thinks he can go and get him back but his other friend – Belfiore – helps him to ‘let him go’ since Little Flower himself has chosen to leave.

How many times do we, like Palloncino, remain attached to the idea of someone or something we love and would like everything to stay the same, not accepting change?
This is one of the themes of our lives: like Helen and Lorenzo, we have faced many experiences that have led us to let go of what we had before in order to open ourselves completely to something new, unknown.
Was it easy? I would say not at all, even terrifying. 

And it was after realising that the external evolution actually reflected the internal one that helped us to let go of the old and open up to the new, being able to now accompany others on this path of renewal. The more we tried to look backwards, the more we were trapped. It was only when we began to look at the past with the eyes of evolution and appreciation that we were imbued with the energy of liberation. And although we have come a long way, it is not that we let go once and for all. Of course, there are big steps that are catalysing and deeply liberating. Then there is a constant attitude of letting go because human beings tend to ‘cling’ out of fear to what they know, avoiding the unknown at all costs. And it is only when we enters the realm of the unknown – quantum physics calls it the field of infinite possibilities – that magic happens…

Through the advice of his friend Belfiore,

Palloncino understands that nothing happens by chance and his sorrow for his flower friend Fiorellino turns into happiness for him. Respecting his friend’s choice, he will still be able to be close to him.

Buy "Little Flower" Book n.9 of the inspirational series "The travels of Palloncino"

Rainbow Light School

Rainbow Light School is an innovative educational paradigm inspired by our vision “Shine your Rainbow Light”, the Teachings of Abraham and the most recent discoveries of Quantum Physics, concerning the endless possibilities of the mind, associated with the emotions. 

A leading-edge school for kids, educators and parents who are wishing to imagine and co-create a reality which reflects their dreams

Rainbow Light School is an education of Light – you’re a Light Being – and it is inspired by the heart’s desires. It reminds the great role that emotions play in your life as they are an indicator to recognize the degree of resonance you have with everything. Recognising this simple, yet not-so-used mechanism, offers you the certainty that you can always rely on yourself to choose what suits you best.

Having fun is one of the foundations of Rainbow Light School and it is supported by science – Neuroplasticity studies – which has discovered that learning is far more effective and immediate if associated with positive emotions.

Learning is a spontaneous process that stems from the natural desire of each human being to always be something more, living life as an adventure. This education inspires traditional and innovative subjects, because when we find enthusiasm in what we do, our hearts sing. 

Here are examples of innovative subjects:

Education to Beauty

Appreciation Laboratory

Love and Relationships

History of the Future Lab.

Original Solutions Lab.

The Spiral of Emotions

The vibrational Frequency of Desires

The Laws of the Universe (The Law of Attraction, The Science of deliberate Creation, The Art of Allowing)

Dream of Light


Inspiration and Creative Imagination

The magic of Talents

Emotional Lab.

Joy and Success

Ethical Economy

 Education to Movement

Inspirational Literature

Foreign Languages and Travel

Dance and Bath of Light

“Soul Touch” Massage

Science of Light (Quantum Physics)

Positive Aspects Lab.

Colours and Art





The Power of Vision …

The curriculum is co-created by the teachers and students according to the universal principle “Ask and It is Given”.

In other words, the curriculum arises from the points of attraction and desires of both teachers and students.


Education of Light is an inspiring way to see life and its wonders through the eyes of Source. This always happens whenever you feel love, passion, excitement, freedom, joy, expansion, power and vitality.

This is the education of the new century, a practical school to master your thoughts, emotions, relationships, career and every life experience you choose to live. It is the education for the children and adults of the New Era, the Era of Light; for experiencing joy, freedom, and love as natural qualities.

It is a place to co-create uplifting emotions and new combinations of words that create new relationships, new businesses, new visions and new ideas … a new society.

Rather than teaching children how to perform, we remind them to be happy, because when they are in a state of joy every action that follows is in flow, inspired and effortless. They can be much more productive when they first align their thoughts with who they really are before taking action. This is true alignment, true productivity because the action comes from love and this brings every possible bliss.

Education of Light is for teachers, parents, home-schooling parents, coaches, life seekers and everyone involved in the educational and self-development field. Education of Light is the answer to the modern lack of meaning and emotional/psychological support in school and society. Most schools have to hire counsellors in order to prevent and deal with youth problems.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we raise a generation of present, solid and ready-to-fly adolescents who have been taught that life is an amazing adventure; that they are here to gather information and then decide what they want and go for it; who have a deep understanding of emotions and relationships; and who know how to speak from the heart without fear?

What if we can have a generation of teachers that embrace understanding and empowerment of the human beings: magnetic teachers whose purpose is to share with kids their excitement for life and that, like spiritual mentors, lead children in recognizing their own emotional guidance system to help them make the choices that most resonate within? Wouldn’t it be just fantastic to uplift someone, providing such enlightened education? Isn’t it the real meaning of education, the reason why most teachers started their careers? Many of them have lost the initial enthusiasm because they have lost contact with this truth. Education of Light restores the status of education to the highest rank, as it determines how we are going to feel, perceive and embrace life.

As Steiner and Montessori were the educational paradigms of the last century, Education of Light is the education of the new century. There are already democratic schools that invite the principle of freedom in their curriculum and it is absolutely awesome. Education of Light not only provides freedom, but adds a holistic vision of the human being and its creative powers through the Law of Attraction and the other laws of the Universe, along with Quantum Physics and a deep understanding of the emotions and their meaning.

Our books -Education of Light and Palloncino’s series- teach spiritual principles by entertaining and, most of all, focusing on JOY as the highest teaching of all, because for us, real success passes through joy. Anything else that does not bring joy and lightness, it is not so important. Our books empower the child’s unique point of view, embracing his sensitivity and offering power to his feelings, rather than imparting something of external. This is our greatest strength.

Table of contents:

“Education of Light” consists of 8 chapters and each of them corresponds to a colour of the rainbow: a metaphor that creativity and colours are at the basis of the Universe we live in. The last chapter is white, because it signifies the light spectrum which contains the whole rainbow and let the colours shine in terms of talents and resources.

“Dedicated to the child in each and every one of us … So that it never ceases to laugh, skip, dream…”


  • Red “The purpose of education is JOY”

Let your Light Shine

The sparkling Diamond

Education to self-expression

Education to the meaning of life

Seeking Passion

Education at all ages

Ask and it is Given: the key principle in education

Light is a Rainbow of Colours

An Inspired educator Inspires others

  • Orange “Embracing a broader perspective”

The vibrational nature of the Universe

The relationship between parents and children

From concern to positive attention

Attention is Love

From obligation to Pleasure

The evolution of acceptance: the Art of Allowing

Meditation is allowing

The power of Appreciation

Turn on a Luminous network

Education about the continuity of life

  • Yellow “Co-creating a leading edge school”

An Innovative education creates an Innovative society

The school offers Evolution

The Dream school

Everything is education

Exploring the unknown

Living the experience of the Journey

Different meanings create different realities

There are always more Possibilities

  • Green “The spiral model for an Infinite education”

The Wisdom of the Heart

Make space to listen

Structure and flexibility

A wide open program

Freedom of choice

The freshness of co-creative teaching

Desires illuminates knowledge

The preciousness of individual differences

Personalizing educational paths

Self-assessment is personal responsibility

  • Blue “Creativity and Imagination”

Freedom inspires Creativity

Creativity is a call of your Soul

Inspired and Fun subjects

The game of co-creating

Thoughts, words and images create your reality

Imagining the future and re-writing the past

An example of Creative Imagination

Be a Creator of Images

Creating Beauty

Talents at work

  • Indigo “The pursuit of Inspiration and Intuition”

Stimulating Initiative

The game of Inspiration

Teaching through the Spiral model: colour, sound and movement

Wonders in nature

Emotional Learning

The dynamic version of knowledge

Sacred Spaces and intervals

Connecting the dots … to see the thread that connects them all

Follow what Attracts you

Trust your Intuition

Honour your Inner Wisdom

  • Violet “Educating to Dream”

The substance that generates Life

Desires: signs from the Soul

Singing your Desires

Dancing the Infinite

The Law of Attraction leads the way

The euphoria of co-creating


Education to Lightness

Look at the positive aspects … always!

  • White “Educating to Freedom”

Slow down to listen

The courage to change

Balancing being and doing

The way of Harmony

Contacting yourself

Loving yourself

The art of Listening to the children

Freedom of choice

The structure of Joy

Expression is Life


Acknowledgments and Appreciations


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